Ethan Hawke and the nanny-expecting-his-child quietly sneak into the theater while John Leguizamo, Rosie Perez and Ally Sheedy hold court during the Gen Art Film Festival premiere of their crime drama The Take.

Swigging a Stella Artois, John ribs another reporter who dives in and asks about the awkward love scene he shares with Rosie.

“You’re completely naked and you’ve known each other for years,” he says. “It’s like ‘I love you Rosie, forgive me for what I’m about to do to you, please don’t take this the wrong way, but let’s get to it.’ ”

Rosie clomps up. (She’s donning a cast because she broke her toe.)

“He’s the guy that introduced me to my ex-husband,” she says, with her heavy Brooklyn accent in full effect. “I’ve been to both of his weddings. I was the one that got naked first. I was like, ‘John, take off your clothes.’ It’s a very real, honest, raw scene between two people who are married who are going through a difficult time. It doesn’t come off vulgar.”

Eighties Brat Packer Ally genuinely impresses. What does she make of fame 2008-style?

“I think it’s much harder for a young actor now than it was in the ’80s,” she says. “It was much more low key. You would go to an event like this, it would be very exciting and you would go home. It would be for weeks, nothing, and then work. It’s such a different world. I don’t know if I could navigate it personally. I don’t know how I would’ve turned out if I had to walk through that.”

Director Brad Furman tells me they had 18 days to shoot this million-dollar movie. “We ran around like crazy people and got what we had to get. We were in East L.A. and we jumped on trains and planes. We were chased by the police and my crew was maced. John was running through East L.A. with Tyrese with guns. It was pretty wild.”

After the screening, Ethan and his gal head to the afterparty at Spotlight Live to hear MGMT play.

The Take is in select theaters now.

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