CSI: Miami star Eva LaRue faces life and death situations on TV every week, but nothing could prepare the actress for her real-life Jaws-style scare.Eva tells OK! that, while vacationing in Mexico with a female friend, she ‘almost got eaten by a shark! We decided to go snorkeling by ourselves and it’s only ten feet deep water, and suddenly, there’s this shark circling beneath us.Her reaction? ‘We both started screaming and crying and thrashing about, she confesses to OK!. We were about a hundred yards from the shore and lost our snorkels and almost drowned.’Luckily. Eva and her friend swam to shore before the shark could sink its terrible teeth in. ‘It was the scariest moment of my life. I never got over seeing Jaws when I was a kid. We drank a lot after,’ she laughed.By Carole GlinesPhoto: Wireimage.com

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