Bella Thorne may only be 15, but the child model already has one impressive resume not to mention she's one of the hottest Disney stars around.

The red headed beauty is always on the go and she chatted with about what she does to stay looking her best.

"Never leave your makeup on too long," she told us. When you don't have to wear makeup, then don't! If you're going to the mall with your friends then don't wear makeup. Your skin does not need your pores clogged," she continued.

She also shared with us a tip she just heard, which makes me never want to use a towel again to wash my face.

"Wiping your face with a rag is actually really bad for you because what it does is when your scrubbing whatever is left on the rag, even if it's clean leaves bacteria. Your pores open up and what happens is if you go to sleep on your pillow, it's not good. Don't use a rag."

Since Bella travels a lot for work and has to look good at a moment's notice she gave us her trick for keeping her skin fresh.

"Always keep your face moisturized. When I travel, I usually get a pimple. I'm not going to lie. It always happens. For that I would just say use those little Evian bottles and make sure your face is just hydrated."



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