After getting married to Tom Cruise and giving birth to her daughter, Suri, now 21 months, Katie Holmes was faced with an even bigger challenge — hatching a plan to rob the Federal Reserve!

The 29-year-old actress teams up with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah to form a gang of unlikely thieves in the new comedy Mad Money. And OK! had the chance to sit down with Katie in Santa Monica, Calif., to talk all about her experiences on the set of the flick, which hits theaters on Jan. 18.

OK!: You had great onscreen chemistry with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah.
KATIE HOLMES: I was pleasantly surprised. We bonded in the makeup trailer. We spoke about everything and I was happy to spend that time in the makeup chair. My hair took longer than it’s ever taken for anything I’ve ever done… (Our chats were) fascinating and wonderful. It was hard to leave.

Did you have a job where you felt invisible?
I had my own lawn service when I was growing up. I cut my mom’s friends’ grass. But I never felt invisible because my mom, who is the best mom in the world, had a station wagon and I convinced her to drag me and the lawn mower. I was on the back. God forbid I had to walk to my job! It was great. I felt like the lawn keeper of the neighborhood, but I only had about four houses. I think (I did it) for about two summers,

How did you deal with the constant paparazzi presence?
You’re always aware of it and I wanted to make sure that the set was being taken care of and it wasn’t bothering anybody else because I get used to being aware, and you want to just protect everyone around you.

Do you think you’ll run another marathon?
Maybe. Not right away. I’m still recovering… (During the New York Marathon) I was turning that left-hand corner where they’re gonna tell you it’s mile 20 and that point you feel like you’ve just been running for days. And I heard the guy in front of me tell his friend, "Don’t worry! Six more! Six more!" And I’m thinking, "Six more? That’s an hour on a good day!"

You flew pizza in from Chicago for the cast and crew. Are you a foodie?
I’m from Ohio. I’m a Midwestern girl and I like food. We talked a lot about it… We’ve eaten in restaurants all over and we were constantly talking about the club sandwiches at this hotel and so on. I never forget a good meal, ever, and I think about it often. So we flew in the pizza. You wanna make your working environment joyful.

Did anybody return the favor?

Diane bought us this coconut cake. I walk into my trailer one day and there’s a box, unopened, with my name on it. It was one of the best days, ever. And it was this massive, fluffy coconut cake with white chocolate chip.


By Ryan Smith

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