TMZ has obtained an eyewitness account of what happened at the scene of Tiger Woods‘ accident and how his wife Elin Nordegren reacted.

According to the witness, Tiger had a bloody cut on his lower lip when emergency responders arrived.

Tiger was lying on the ground unconscious when EMT workers arrived on the scene. He was wearing shorts, a T-shirt and no shoes — driving barefoot is illegal in Florida.

EMT workers used a “pain stimulus” method of applying pressure to the unconscious person to make them alert, but Tiger only opened his eyes for a moment before losing consciousness again.

According to the witness, the EMTs asked his wife Elin if Tiger was on medications. She went back to the house and brought out two pill bottles and said she did not know when he had last taken the medications.

Elin was very upset and had to be told twice by the EMTs to stay back while they tended to Tiger.

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