Some might think Megan Fox bombed on the 35th season premier of Saturday Night Live, but new comedian Jenny Slate diverted most of the show’s buzz by dropping a bomb of her own on her first night as an SNL cast member.

Megan took it all off for the show, but the consensus seems to be that audiences were looking for just a bit more. During her opening monologue Megan showed naked (and faked) pics of herself. She then starred in a digital short with Andy Samberg, to a resounding “meh.”

Luckily for Megan, her bomb was upstaged by another bomb. NewbieJenny Slate’s first night on SNL made history as the fourth time the f-bomb was dropped on the show. She accidentally said “f******” during her sketch with Kristen Wiig, instead of “freaking.”

Oops! The mistake may be frowned upon by those above her, but it did give the biggest laugh of the night making up for Megan’s lukewarm attempt.

Next up is Ryan Reynolds… hot AND funny!

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