Among the chorus of celebrity voices cheering Britney Spears to a triumphant comeback is Fabolous, who remixed Britney’s "Break the Ice" last year. The rapper says he’s impressed at how the singer was able to bounce back from adversity.

"A lot of people were counting her out and thinking she could never come back," he said at last night’s VH1 Hip Hop Honors in NYC. "It’s not as good as before, it’s even better. That’s an admirable thing right now."

As for her new album, Circus, which will be released on Dec. 2, Fabolous thinks Britney’s got what it takes for it to be a success.


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"She’s just gotta get back to doing what she’s used to doing," he says. "Making a great album, making great songs and being herself. Being as sexy as she wants to be because that’s what Britney feels and it truly came across. Not just pleasing, just get back to doing what she’s doing."


Although Fabolous only worked on one of Britney’s songs from Blackout, he says he’d be open to working with the formerly troubled singer again.


"It was a great joint," he says of "Break the Ice."


"We’ll see what’s possible in the future if it happens again," he adds. "We weren’t able to do a video because of what was going on with her at the time but I’d love to do it again."


Reporting by Valerie Nome

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