It’s Saturday. A girl I work with is having a party for her
30th birthday at her apartment- in Brooklyn!
She sent out a Save the Date weeks ago and I put in on my calendar. She sits
next to me at work, she saw me do it and I said I’d love to come to her party –
in Brooklyn.


I’ve lived in downtown NYC for nearly seven years yet I can
count on my hands (probably one), how many times I’ve been to Brooklyn.
If there’s a party of event in Brooklyn, it immediately
lowers the chance I’ll be there. I don’t know why. Really, distance-wise, many
parts of Brooklyn are closer to my apartment than my
office in Midtown. Really, a cab there is half the price of a cab uptown (not
that I venture there too often either) and the subway that could get me
door-to-door is only steps away.


I always say I want to go someplace different, see people
and places in NYC that I haven’t before and Brooklyn
offers that and more. So, hopefully tonight I can get past my mental block
thinking a trip to Brooklyn is such an anxiety-inducing


That said, I guess it’s time to stop procrastinating, go
down and get a cab and hope the driver doesn’t wince when I say I need to go to
Williamsburg! Remember that “Sex in
the City” episode where Miranda moved to Brooklyn and
the cab driver kicked her out because he said he didn’t do Brooklyn!

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