Troubles between Jennifer Hudson‘s sister Julia Hudson and her estranged husband William Balfour may be the motive behind the triple homicides of her mother Darnell Donerson, brother Jason Hudson and nephew Julian King, according to the Chicago Tribune.


A police source tells the paper that there was an ongoing dispute between Julia and Balfour, after he’d borrowed her car and promised to keep up the payments on it. When Julia found her wages garnished last Friday because of unpaid payments, she called William to complain.


The 27-year-old parolee had been thrown out of the Hudson home before, and Julia says he’d threatened to harm the family, and kill Julia if she ever had any other boyfriends.


Balfour is being held at Stateville Correctional Center for violating his parole, as a suspect in the murders. He was convicted in 1999 for attempted murder and spent seven years in jail. One of his girlfriends contradicted his alibi and told cops he was involved in the slayings on Friday.


Police are also looking into the possibility that Balfour involved someone else in the crime.    

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