Although Famke Janssen treats her seven-year-old Boston terrier Licorice like a child, she doesn’t want any kids of her own.

“Often when women don’t want children, people think it’s connected to being ambitious and not wanting to take that time out of your life,” The Wackness star, 42, tells me. “I have very clear memories as a kid. I have two sisters – they both have kids – I have four nieces between the two of them. And they’ve always said ‘I want kids.’ I’ve always said ‘I don’t want kids.’ I’m not sure what it is. It has nothing to do with I don’t like children – I love children. I love my nieces, but it was just something I never looked for.”

Still, she doesn’t rule out adoption one day in the future.

“Would I adopt a kid? Maybe one day. But would I adopt a baby? Maybe not. It might be a kid that’s a little older.”

In the meantime, Licorice is a lucky pup.

“My life revolves around him,” she tells me. “It’s all about making Licorice happy. Since I got him, he’s brought me such love and joy that I thought the only thing I can do is to make this creature happy, comfortable and spoil him as much as I possibly can, and that’s what I do.”

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