Garrett, we hardly knew ye. When young Mr. Haley became the first casualty of Season 7—and so shockingingly early in the show—it seemed to serve notice that the powers behind Idol are ready to shake things up a bit this year.


“I didn’t think I was going to get voted off that soon,” Garrett said after his exit. “I was happy with my performance!” Simon sure wasn’t, making a crack that he looked like he’d been locked in his bedroom too long, but Garret took it in stride. “I didn’t let it get to me because I know I’m a fair kid,” he added. “I came into this competition staying true to myself so I wouldn’t change a thing.”


Amy Davis, Colton Berry and Joanne Borgella joined Garrett in the losers’ circle, but all left with their dignity mostly intact. ”Usually, when you give me a microphone, you can’t take it away from me,” Joanne reflected after a very off night led to her ousting. "Honestly, it was just a bad day. Unfortunately, I allowed it to show because everyone saw it on TV. But it’s go hard or go home.”





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