The Shocking Truth’s latest episode reveals the gruesome details behind the mysterious disappearance of Helle Crafts, the woman who went missing from her home in Newtown, Connecticut and was never seen again.

In the show, which covers the murder that inspired award-winning film Fargo, a police detective meets with Richard Crafts to question him about the crime — in which he was accused of killing his wife and disposing her body using a wood chipper.

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“Helle ran off with her boyfriend, some Oriental guy. I don’t know where they went to,” said Crafts when asked about the incident.

While he remained composed during the interview, Crafts soon realized he was stuck in a never-ending lie and — in a whirlwind of confusion — changed his story to distract police officers.

After the investigator asked why he didn’t tell authorities about the information before, Crafts responded: “Private man — I didn’t want the whole town to know my wife was cheating on me.”

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Can the cops break down Crafts to discover what truly happened to his late wife?

Fargo: The Shocking Truth airs Friday, June 16, 9 ET/PT.

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