'Tis better to have loved and lost. Or is it?

Farrah Abraham admits her Backdoor Teen Mom porn partner, James Deen, could have won her heart if he had played his cards a lot differently. "I think that might have been possible because after we had sex he was inviting me to things and we were hanging out," she tells Metropolis Nights. "So I think it was a possibility. But I also think that’s why he hasn’t apologized to me. I think he still likes me and it’s just really awkward for me. He just doesn’t understand. I’m really so confused."

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One thing she isn't confused about is James' ability in bed. "When it comes to sexual performance I definitely need more than that," says Farrah. "He wasn’t as good as it may seem in the video."

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However, she reveals she would still "give him a 7 or an 8" on a ten-point scale.

With such high standards, Farrah admits she is "very worried" about forming a healthy relationship now that her life has taken such an interesting turn—but she has an idea how it might still happen.

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"I think the only way I’ll find love now is if there’s a very serious matchmaker involved who can psychoanalyze the guys before I date them," she says. "I think that would prevent me from talking to the wrong people."

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