At the Carmen Marc Valvo, inspired by the very glamorous Elizabeth Taylor in the 60’s, OK! was more than delighted to see that none other than hip hop legends and full on glamour girls Salt-n-Pepa sitting in the front row. Salt revealed that as we we’re speaking their show was being taped. "We’re wrapping up our second season now and if the people want us we’ll come back," Salt said. Meanwhile reality show veteran Pepa says she has Hollywood on the brain, "I was on the surreal life and I was wanted to get into acting and we thought it would be a great idea."

While Salt got her mic adjusted Pepa told OK! how she much she was looking forward to Carmen’s show. "We’re being introduced to his line. He’s a scorpio like myself so we bonded." As for the girls’ style? Salt said it best, "We’re more and less. Guess who’s more and guess who’s less!"

"This show has been good for our friendship," she added, "We’ve gotten to know each other again as adults."

But we really had to know when are we going to hear a new song? "We’re exploring that in the new season coming up. we’re trying to see how we can work together again."

Next up at the Willow show (think downtown and avant garde) All My Children star
Levin Ramblin sat front row and told OK! "I’m usually more edgy. I’m not like pink pink girl girl." In that case this was the perfect show for her!"


My final show of the season was the very snowy Zang Toi show, the profits of which went towards the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The clothes seemed inspired by snow, whether it be an Aspen snow bunny or a Russian ice queen. At it we caught up with former American Idol Constantine Moroulis. The singer/songwriter admitted that now a days when he’s not busy working on the Fox Reality network as American Idol correspondent than he’s trying to find the perfect Greek girl. Word is he’s got a Valentine, ladies, no word on whether she’s Greek.


And just like that, fashion week is over…until next season!


By Jocelyn Vena

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