•At the Bill Blass fashion show presentation at the New York Public Library, the look was "sophisticated lady who lunches." It was very retro and very girly. Food Network star and cook Sandra Lee gushed over the collection: “I think it is classic and absolutely stunning. The fabrics are sumptuous, and I think they are mature to enough to feel very sophisticated in but young enough to feel like you’re not trying to feel too mature. It’s effortless.”

But she confided she doesn’t have time for much else during this fashion week: “Busy editing five books — three cooking books, entertaining book and a memoir, a great book everyone should read. It’s a thoughtful book on how everyone can get from A to Z no matter where they come from.”

•Later that day at the Save the Children Event at Lincoln Center, former O.C. siren Mischa Barton, wearing a yellow-beaded Missioni dress, is in New York shooting her latest flick, Assassination of a High School President. “We’ve been having a blast making it,” she said. “It’s great living in Hoboken. We’re filming right here, so it’s convenient.”

Guess she’s too busy shooting that movie because someone as stylish as Mischa wouldn’t miss fashion week for anything less. “I’m not really going to any shows.”

Blythe Danner also stopped to talk to reporters, and when she wasn’t gushing over her daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow, and her family, she had only the best wishes for the recovering Owen Wilson: “It was heartbreaking, but this is such a tough business. And here he is at the pinnacle. It’s a very delicate thing when you’re in that position. It’s tough. I was sad. Anytime anything like that happens, it’s heartbreaking.”

By Jocelyn Vena

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