The Sex and The City movie is perhaps the most highly anticipated one this year. Well, at  least for women and fashionistas. But for Fergie, that is an understatement. The pop star sang the theme song, "Labels & Love" for it and admits to OK! that it was a dream come true.


“I was thrilled to do this song,” she tells OK! “I’ve been such a huge fan for so long. My mother and I would watch it religiously.”

And how exactly did this songstress figure out the theme? “The song completely fits the personalities of the girls – it’s kind of a love triangle between love, friends and fashion,” she explains.

While the rest of us have to wait until May 30 to see the movie, Fergie didn’t hesitate to blurt out, “I saw the movie!” But it looks like the engaged star is keeping a tight lip on what happens. “I can’t say anything about it!"


The film’s soundtrack hits stores May 27, the same week as the film.



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