If we didn’t know better, we would say 50 Cent must have been living under a rock for the last 10 years (well, either that or he’s letting his ego cloud his judgment just a little tiny bit).

The Get Rich or Die Trying star has just made the outrageous claim that rap rival Jay Z wasn’t all that famous until he married Beyoncé Knowles!

That right, he thinks that Jay ‘the most famous rapper in the world ever’ Z has only been a celebrity since April, despite the fact he had his first international hit in 1998.

"I’m a big fan of Jay-Z," 50 told MTV.com, "but outside of the States and hip-hop circles, no one really knew who he was until he married."

Come on Fiddy – surely some of the people who bought 50 million+ of Jay’s records outside of the US must know who he is.

But he might be a little closer to the mark on this one. 50 Cent also argued that the entrepreneur doesn’t have $1 billion in the bank, despite several reports that he does.

"I don’t believe he’s worth that much!" he told the site. " It’s all been exaggerated. I’m comfortable. I don’t want for anything so I’m not in a race."

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