Between their personal and professional involvement in the style world, the Project Runway judges know what makes a designer the next Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week star.

With that constantly being brought up, Tim Gunn’s phrase ‘Make it work!’ has a whole lot more back to it.

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This week’s episode brought someone very special to the judges panel.
Enter Tracy Reese. She’s dressed celebs like First Lady Michelle Obama and Taylor Swift, to name a few, and made the catwalk a more literal word by sending an actual feline down the runway with her models. And in the purple dress she wore the night she judged, she basically became fashion royalty.

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So how’d the designer like judging others’ creations on the Parsons' runway? Luckily for Stanley, Tracy was a fan of the flowing face-printed dress that he created with such ease. He should take that as a major compliment. 

OK! got the chance to catch up with Tracy at the special Project Runway screening in her Manhattan store! Check it out! 

OK! Magazine: How would you describe your experience being a judge on Project Runway?
Tracy Reese: It was fun. It was interesting to go behind the scenes. I had only seen it on TV. I haven’t been to any other screenings or anything, so it’s fun to go behind the scenes and to really sit with the other judges, and get to know them a little bit and understand. You know, it’s kind of hard to see the other contestants sweating it out under the hot lights. That part you feel such compassion for them.

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OK! How could you relate to the designers getting critiqued? Did you feel for them?
TR: Oh definitely. Because you know they have put a lot of their heart into it. Sometimes things turn out well and sometimes not as well. We’ve all had to suffer through criticism and hopefully it’s constructive, and no one was malicious.

OK! Was there a designer that specifically stood out during your time at the show? 
TR: I think it was Stanley. You’ll see in this episode. He designed this gorgeous, simple dress. It was black with like a ecru-colored mask-print that sort of from a distance looked like a polka dot, and the silhouette was really beautiful. It had great volume, but it was controlled. I thought they did a really good job with the print.

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