John Mayer seems to ignite everyone and everything around him! After spending the night at girlfriend Jennifer Aniston‘s house, the singer drove the actress’s Range Rover from Beverly Hills to his home in Pacific Palisades just after 2 p.m. PT on Wednesday afternoon.

But little did he know that as he relaxed inside (we’re sure he had a big night!) and with Jen’s Range Rover parked outside for all the world to see, a fire was burning just around the corner from his house!

An eyewitness tells OK! that the flames were burning in the hills just down the street and that fire officials were on sight helping to put the blaze out.

"It was a small fire that was knocked out within a few minutes," d’Lisa Davies, spokesperson for the Pacific Palisades Fire Dept, tells OK!.

We can hear the phone call now: "Jen? My neighborhood’s on fire, can I come back to your house?"

We’re just sayin’!

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