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Even in an uncredited role with no lines, Charlize Theron was giving it her all. Just look at her eyes in this shot above—intense, focused; she’s definitely “smelling the fart” acting, as Joey Tribbiani would say. So it’s no surprise that following this stellar performance in Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest, Charlize went on to be the hot dumb girl in That Thing You Do, then the not-so-hot serial killer in Monster, and ultimately the hot girl again in this weekend’s big comedy, A Million Ways To Die In The West.

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She’s paid her dues, people! So in celebration of Seth Macfarlane’s sure-to-be-hilarious comedy western starring Ms. Theron, let’s go back to a simpler time (1996) and watch Charlize Theron’s first on-screen role. Brief? Yes. Legendary? No. Perfect? Pretty much.

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Watch her 3-ish seconds of screen time here:

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Bravo, bravo.

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