Well, everywhere, with me. The hot Australian accent, surfer body and river of charm don’t hurt either. So was the case when I had the privilege of meeting sexy Australian surfer Koby Abberton — a.k.a. OK!’s Man Candy, a.k.a. star of the Russell Crowe-narrated documentary Bra Boys that hits theaters today.

Bra Boys is the story of an Australian surfing gang — one that Koby and his brothers are prominent members of. Their story is so gripping it was not only made into a documentary starring Koby, but Russell Crowe is taking it further and I hear in the early stages of producing and directing a move on the Bra Boys — with Mark Wahlberg potentially being cast as Koby.

But, back to me and Koby, Koby and I. I got a sneak peak preview of the documentary during a private screening for about 50 at STK in L.A. After the movie Koby got up in the front of the room to address the crowd — and I swear he was staring at me through most of his speech. I modestly brushed it off as focusing somewhere, anywhere because he was nervous but when we were introduced afterwards he said, “You’re the girl I was staring at, I knew I should stop but I couldn’t stop staring at you. You have this great smile and you didn’t stop looking at me.” Um, Koby, I was looking at you because you were speaking — but you’re welcome to look at me and my smile any day 😉 xo


PS: I have a photo of Koby and I but since I’m experiencing technical difficulties with my camera for a change, I’ll have to savor that one for myself and leave you with this action shot.

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