Wahoo. I’m on the plane from San Francisco to Boston for Virgin America’s first trip to Beantown. Being the uncloseted fan of Sir Richard Branson and Virgin America groupie that I am, I haven’t missed any of Virgin America’s inaugural flights to new cities, starting with JFK-San Fran over a year ago and followed by Las Vegas, Seattle, San Diego and now Boston. They fly to DC too.

This time I even got first class! So,  with my seat back and my feet up I’m listening to a playlist of my own making on the RED in-flight entertainment system, blogging, working – and sipping their signature champagne and cranberry cocktail.

I have mixed feelings about Wi-Fi in-flight, a definite love/dislike relationship. The plane used to be one of very few sanctuaries away from the gravitation to work but here I find myself working while on vacation – something that doesn’t take too much provacation.

On the other hand, it has allowed me to keep up on the latest in the Rihanna/Chris Brown debacle (tragically fascinating to follow), keep tabs on how Jen Aniston is spending her 40th birthday and check out the new photos from Britney Spears  music video  in-the-making “If You Seek Amy” on Justjared.com.

Now I may even work on that “25 Random Things About Me” note I keep getting tagged in on Facebook. Good times 😉 xo

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