On Monday’s Morning Show with Mike & Juliet, TV’s most famous mom, Florence Henderson,  got down and dirty about some issues close to her heart.

Of her ever-changing hairdo on The Brady Bunch, Florence says "I don’t know what I was thinking…I don’t know what was wrong with me and I never did drugs!"

Henderson, who currently stars in a one-woman show called All The Lives of Me, talked about her Brady Bunch co-star Maureen McCormick’s new book, which details the actress’s drug abuse.

"We all knew, Henderson said. "Especially during the Brady Bunch Variety Hour…She wouldn’t show up, or she’d be late. You know that there are problems…and my heart always went out to Maureen, because it took her a long time."

Florence says that when McCormick finally did get clean, Henderson was the first person to take her under her wing.

"When she finally kicked it [cocaine] I took her to lunch and I said, ‘Maureen, tear up your address book. Those people are no good in your life. Get rid of them!’"

Mike & Juliet also read a passage from McCormick’s book where she refers to Henderson as a "closeted sex pot" who liked to parade around topless.

"Well I was never a closeted sex pot!" Henderson joked. "I’ve always been a sex pot!"

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