When Kevin Bacon arrives at the Food Bank For New York City in The Bronx to put together care packages for the less fortunate, flashbulbs pop and full-timers and volunteers alike tippy-toe for a glimpse. On behalf of America’s Second Harvest and Netflix, Kyra Sedgwick’s hubby is here to pack boxes filled with canned goods in what appears to be a grocery store warehouse.

First, the Rails and Ties star takes a tour. Then, the apron-wearing actor packs food with the students from Iona Prep School. He puts labels on the cans, but he has a little trouble with the tape device, and gets help from his fellow volunteers. Whew, one box of corn down, and millions more to go.

He took a moment out to chat about why he got involved with the charity this holiday season.

“I was thinking about the fact that Americans and New Yorkers are still hungry and what a tremendous casualty that is for our country and our society,” the father of Travis, 18, and Sosie, 15, says. “I think it’s fantastic to see the work that these guys are doing here and also that Netflix is getting involved and donating the America’s Second Harvest. The gift of Netflix is fantastic. Corporations in general need to be helping out with food banks.”

Time’s up. “Back to work!” he yells.

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