ABC Family is hosting quite a night of television: tonight you can watch the series finale of The Secret Life of the American Teenager and the debut of a brand-new show, The Fosters! The latter has a ton of buzz, so be sure to tune in tonight at 9 pm to see what all the fuss is about.

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For one thing, Jennifer Lopez is the executive producer of the series. It's the latest offering from her company Nuyorican Productions. J.Lo will also be taking part in a live Twitter chat during the premiere tonight. Follow along at @jlo.

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It centers around a family with a biracial lesbian couple as the parents. One is a cop, the other is a school vice principal, and they're shown here snuggling in bed. Can anyone think of a time they've been lesbians in bed together on a family show? Woo, progess!

Their children are very blended. There's Brandon, the cop's biological son from a previous marriage; their adopted Latino twins Mariana and Jesus; and a new foster kid, Callie, who just left juvie. She's the new element in the pilot, welcomed into the house just to shake things up.

With its obvious dedication to depicting a very modern family, it's possible that the show could play out as way too earnest. Luckily, the characters seem to have no trouble poking fun at (or at least acknowledging) their 2013 multiculturalism. Just watch the humor in this preview clip:


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