Frances Bean Cobain, famous for the being the only daughter of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, has laid into another celebrity relative – Lindsay Lohan‘s younger, party-loving sister Ali Lohan.

Although the rant is littered with grammatical errors, Frances, 17, (pictured) makes a few sensible points. “Your not entitled to anything simply because your sister has a recognizable name. Your idea of fame isn’t fame. It’s infamy.

“You want to be famous? Work your ass off and make decisions that could potentially catapult your career into a lasting one.

“Notariety for who you are and notaritey for the work you produce are two completely differnt things.”

Frances was apparently set off when she heard that 16-year-old Ali had released a Christmas album in 2006, so she took to a blog to vent.

“I understand that you have been brought up in an envirtoment where the idea of fame is easily achievable but, that’s not an excuse. You lack the talent, social understanding and credibility to be anything other then infamous.”

But she doesn’t stop there! “You ali lohan are rendering the world of true talent by attempting to make your entitled ass noticed. How is this fair to the people who HAVE artistic integrity, or a mind?”

Clearly Frances didn’t catch Living Lohan, the short-run E! reality show following Ali and mom Dina Lohan at their Long Island home in 2008.

And the rock progeny probably won’t be first in line to buy Dina’s new shoe line Shoe-han.

Frances, whose godparents are Michael Stipe and Drew Barrymore, digs at a couple of other reality villains while she’s at it.

“It will be the formality of fame that puts you on the covers of tabloids, while the public idly watches you plumit into the murky abyss shared with the likes of Spencer Pratt & Jon Gosslin who, i’m sure, will steal your money whilst there.”

She signs off with a final twist of the knife from one famous family to another, “im ashamed to have to be grouped into the same category of person as you.”

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