After OJ’s Las Vegas arrest over the weekend, Extra caught up with Ron Goldman’s dad, Fred Goldman. He told the show, "I’m not surprised at this happening. He does what he wants, when he wants. He is sort of like the master puppeteer. He manipulates people as he wants."

"If you think in terms of his behavior, it doesn’t surprise me at all. There’s nothing lower than a person who murders two human beings. There’s nobody lower than him."

OJ was put on trial in 1994 for the double homicides of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. He was found innocent on all charges.

Later in a civil trial OJ was found liable and was ordered to pay the Goldmans $8.5 million in compensatory damages. Of that ordeal, Fred said, “During the civil trial he was found accountable for Ron’s death. The system doesn’t give you the easy opportunity to collect on it, to really nail him. He continues to make money."

He added, "OJ’s a piece of trash. He’s a murderer. He believes the world is his to play with as he wants. He’s never done anything other than play football."

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