When reports surfaced last week of Lindsay Lohan downing Grey Goose and Red Bull cocktails all night long with BFF Samantha Ronson, no one was more concerned about the 21-year-old starlet possibly falling off the wagon than her Georgia Rule director Garry Marshall.

“It’s hard for her,” Garry tells OK! at the GLAAD Awards. “All these young kids are having trouble, but I truly think she’s a great actress and talent will out. Soon she’ll get it together and everybody will leave her alone and let her act. But it might take a moment because she’s very young.”

Garry is no stranger to Lindsay’s troubles. The 73-year-old was the mastermind behind the infamous scathing letter addressed to Lindsay reprimanding her for missing work on Georgia Rule.

“I try to be [a mentor to these young girls],” he says. “I used to do a joke where I’d try to get young people on their way up and before rehab. There’s a little window in there, and you can really make ‘em cook! But it’s not so much a joke sometimes. I really try to mentor these young kids.”

The increasingly relentless media is to blame for Lindsay’s personal travails, Garry believes, as it’s "not a normal life to be harassed every day." The worst part? It’s not just a photographer here and there anymore like the days of yesteryear.

"When I worked with Julia Roberts, there were a couple of photographers, but [with] Lindsay there’s 30 or 40 photographers were in the trees," Garry says. "We’re shooting outdoors. That’s not natural, 30 or 40 people looking on, click, click, click. It’s very hard to act. So unless they’re very strong and have a strong family unit, which hers is coming together. I hope it all comes together."

By Ryan Smith

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