Gary Coleman went for a quiet night of bowling Saturday in Salt Lake City, Utah. However after a fan asked for a photo with the Diff’rent Strokes actor and was refused, a fight ensued in the parking lot of the bowling alley.


Gary, who was with wife Shannon Price, was allegedly unhappy over the man, Colt Rushton, taking the pictures, and got into his truck to leave. Then the diminutive 40-year-old actor backed his truck up, reportedly hitting the man and another vehicle as he left the parking lot.


While the photo-seeking fan was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries, neither he nor Gary have been arrested or charged in the incident.


Gary has a bit of a past when it comes fans he sees as aggressive: he was charged with assault in 1998 after punching a female autographer-seeker in the face who he said insulted him. In 1999 pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace during the incident.





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