Only days after a motorcycle accident that left him with a broken rib and his girlfriend with a busted foot, George Clooney appeared to be in high spirits at the New York premiere of his new film, Michael Clayton.

“We feel pretty lucky we got out of it,” the Oscar-winner told OK!. “Mostly you’re just hoping you’re not going to hurt anybody and you’re not going to get hurt.”

George, who explained that he and girlfriend Sarah Lawson were riding through New Jersey “to get a different view” of Manhattan, also tells OK! that, despite the accident, he’s not done with two-wheeling. “I’ve been riding motorcycles for 30 years,” he says. “I love them.”

As for how the headline-making incident has impacted his young relationship with Sarah, the actor/director reveals, “We’re just pretty happy we weren’t hurt worse.” And while his gorgeous gal pal would only say that she’s feeling “better” as she limped into the premiere on crutches, George points out, “She seems like she can take the pain, eh?”

So did George’s life flash before his eyes as his bike skidded along the pavement? “God, I hope not!” he laughed. “That’s pretty terrifying if that was my life.”

By Valerie Nome

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