With the Golden Globes cancelled and the Grammys in jeopardy, things aren’t looking good for the Oscars, so it’s hard to look ahead, even if you’re a near shoo-in for a nomination like George Clooney.

"This year you don’t prepare at all," George says at the National Board of Review awards, where he won best actor for Michael Clayton. "We have a strike happening. Nothing right now."

The 46-year-old, who won a supporting actor Oscar for Syriana two years ago, is quick to add that nominations haven’t even been announced yet (they will be Jan. 22), but should he score one, he will "try to go to the tanning bed at the mall."

For George, the part was the hardest he’s ever played, but that could be because frequent celluloid buddy Brad Pitt wasn’t literally in the picture. And why do the two, who will next be seen in Burn After Reading, work together so well?

"Because I have pictures of him," George jokes.

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