For a trio of youngs kids in Tobaccoville, N.C., their decision to spend their spring break selling lemonade near the set of George Clooney‘s new movie paid off in a big way. Carter Fontaine and his two brothers, 6-year-old Chandler and 5-year-old Chase Fontaine were only charging a modest 25 cents per cup of their homemade fruit brew, but when the Oscar-winning actor/director, in town to film Leatherheads, a football-themed movie co-starring Renee Zellweger, paid them a visit, he apparently didn’t have any small change, handing over a $20 bill instead. In a very Hollywood move, the boys’ mother, Courtney, had offered to comp George’s beverage after he gladly posed for pictures with her, but the Good Night & Good Luck star insisted on paying. Later in the day, the little lemonade stand had changed their marketing strategy, adding a George Clooney was here! sign.Photo: WireImage

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