As Americans head to the polls in droves to vote for either John McCain or Barack Obama, we imagine a world where movie stars hold the executive office. After all, Ronald Reagan did it – why couldn’t Angelina Jolie?

George Clooney, 47, would get Cedric The Entertainer’s vote.

“He’s really fun and he’s real laid back,” Cedric tells me. “He’s just that cool dude. He’s got the swagger and he’s got a fun attitude. Plus, he’s got a bunch of cool friends, so then the cabinet would be off-the-chain, and the parties would be hot.”

The ideal First Lady for George is Scarlett Johansson, Cedric tells me. Nevermind that she’s married to Ryan Reynolds.

“You’d be like ‘yeah, that’s the First Lady, let her talk for a minute. Move George, let her say something.’ You’ve gotta do someone to balance him out that would be hot.”

Alas, George says he has trouble bringing two feuding sides together – case in point during the writers’ strike that took place earlier this year.

“It’s always hard to get people in the room to mediate anything,” Clooney admits.
Who else could rock the White House?
According to Michael Gaston, who appears in Body of Lies and W., Meryl Streep, 59, would make a great prez. “She’s one of the smartest persons I’ve ever known, incredibly empathetic and she’s got nerves of steel.”

Happy voting.

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