Though George Clooney and Brad Pitt have worked well together in all three of the Ocean’s films, apparently, at least if you believe George, things aren’t going to be quite as friendly on the set of their latest project.

"I’m working with him right now this Coen brothers movie," the former ER star told reporters at the Toronto Film Festival on Saturday, referring to their upcoming film Burn After Reading, "which kills me because he’s going to steal the movie and I’m going to murder him."

And though Clooney said that he tries "not to compete in art," the actor did confess to having an issue with another of his casino-heisting co-stars, Matt Damon. "I’d like to kick his ass," Clooney joked, referring to Matt, who is rumored to be expecting another child with his wife.

George and Brad are both in Toronto promoting different films. Clooney is making the festival circuit with his latest project, Michael Clayton, in which he plays the title character, while Brad is busy pushing his own title role in The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford.

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