It seems George Clooney has a type when it comes to the women he dates. The sexy silver fox admires long, lean brunettes, who are usually younger than him and are well-endowed in the chest area. Take a look at the lucky ladies who have dated George in the past.

Lisa Snowdon: George dated British model and TV personality (sound familiar?) Lisa Snowdon in 2000 and was reportedly on and off with the brunette until 2006. The former couple met in 2000 while making a commercial together (see clip below).

Krista Allen: George and Krista Allen’s relationship began in 2002, when he cast her in a small role in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. They had a rocky, on and off relationship and began dating again in 2006. It was reported that they gave it a third try after George broke up with Sarah Larson in 2008. Krista is also known for flaunting her body in a red bikini in the short lived Baywatch Hawaii TV show.

Sarah Larson: One of George’s first real public relationships was with former cocktail waitress Sarah Larson. The former couple met in 2007 in Moon nightclub when George was in Las Vegas for the premiere of Ocean’s 13. There was a questionable age gap between the two, Sarah, 29, and George, 46, when they dated. The silver fox brought Sarah to the 2008 Academy awards, one of the first times he brought a girlfriend to a big red carpet event.

Elisabetta Canalis: The second TV personality he has dated (above mentioned Lisa Snowdown), George’s latest leading lady Italian TV personality Elisabetta Canalis, 30,  seems to fit his type perfectly. This relationship is more open than the others, and George show’s off Elisabetta as much as he can on the red carpet.

George’s 2000 commercial, No Martini No Party, for where he was first introduce to Lisa Snowdon:

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