Two years ago, George Clooney had a one in three shot of winning an Oscar and pulled through, picking up Best Supporting Actor for Syriana. This year, he has one shot, in Best Actor for Michael Clayton, but he’s not feeling good about his chances.

"If you want my honest opinion, I think it’s going to be Daniel Day-Lewis," he tells Extra. "He sort of irritates all of us because he’s so good. I’ll tell you right now, I don’t like him!"

Daniel, thus far, has been sweeping the award circuit for his transformative role in There Will Be Blood.

But should George eke out a win, what would it mean to be a double Oscar winner?

"Two Oscars," he joked.

There was no joking around though when talk turned to the humanitarian efforts of his buddies Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

"She’s been amazing [as a U.N. Ambassador]. She and Brad both. They do really walk the walk. They live in New Orleans. Brad designs and builds buildings."

George hasn’t done too shabby either — the 46-year-old was recently named a U.N. Messenger of Peace.

And since it’s Super Tuesday, who is the outspoken Democrat supporting?

"I’ve never been around anything like [Barack] Obama," he says. "I’ve never seen anyone speak like that."

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