Most couples are attached at the hip, but for George Lopez
and his wife, Ann, they’re attached at the kidneys.

Ann famously donated a kidney to her husband two years ago
and the comedian is forever grateful to his wife for her “generous gift,” he
tells OK! at the National Kidney Foundation of Southern California Great Chefs event on
Sunday. The two, who are spokepeople for the organization, hosted the affair
alongside Mario Lopez and Stacy Keibler and believe it’s important to give
back and raise awareness for the cause.

“If I didn’t do anything I would feel like I would have been
turning my back on people for prevention and awareness and raising funds,”
George tells OK!.

The couple also earned praised and admiration from their
co-hosts for their passionate involvement. “What they’ve done shows
unconditional love that she went through that for him,” Stacy tells OK!.

Adds Mario, “They’re raising awareness and money, and I’m
happy to be a part of it.”

George suffered from a genetic condition that caused his
kidneys to deteriorate and would have died had his wife of now 14 years not
offered one of hers for a transplant.

“As a living donor, it was easier than giving birth,” Ann

On his end, the 46-year-old jokes the procedure is “less
painful than getting caught in your zipper. That hurts!”

Since the April 2005 operation, George and Ann, who have a
12-year-old daughter together, have been undoubtedly healthier and supposedly
more like-minded.

“When someone gives you a kidney, the last thing you’re
going to do is nitpick at them!” George laughs.

By David Lasky

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