With ‘George 2008’ T-shirts all the rage in Hollywood, is there any chance George Clooney might run for office? ‘There are too many compromises,’ George told OK! Oct. 13 at the 21st Annual American Cinematheque Award banquet in Beverly Hills, where he was being honored. ‘I enjoy the other side of it… I can go in and say, ëI think this is bad, what’s going on in Sudan and Chad and Darfur,’ and there is no one I have to answer to.’ And what about those famous friends who came out to honor him? ‘They’re coming after me!’ he told OK!. ‘Honestly, I don’t like them – not one of them! Matt Damon? Don’t like him! Julia Roberts? No! She drinks a lot, and I caught her stealing! I don’t like my parents either!’But one person who didn’t have such a fun night was Lindsay Lohan, who, while at the ceremony, was served a subpoena for a lawsuit involving her mom.

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