When faced with questions about the possibility of romance blooming between Gerard Butler and his Bounty Hunter co-star, Jennifer Aniston, the amiable Scot has chosen to quiet inquiring minds with jokes. “That’s how I live my life,” he tells Parade.com of playing the clown when it comes to personal questions. “Conan [O’Brien] asked me about Aniston, who is my co-star in the movie I’m making now, and I just said, ‘Yeah, we’re getting married. What the hell.’ Tell a joke, that’s my technique.”

Gerard explains that he’d rather make people laugh than make them think he’s just denying for denial’s sake.

“It’s a pretty unfair role. The second someone makes something up, you’re stuck with it. If you deny it, people think, ‘The lady doth protest too much,’ ” he says. “So I’ve discovered you have to embrace the rumor. Take it all the way just to kind of show how ridiculous the whole thing is.”

One other lady he feels free to joke about is his co-star in The Ugly Truth, Katherine Heigl, who made him so nervous he got a little too close during takes.

“Oh, just because we went back to our trailer and made out after the dancing scene?” he teases when asked to spill on his co-star. “Truthfully, one time I was supposed to play with Katherine’s hair and I kept forgetting my lines. I was so nervous that I grabbed her breast. Afterwards, all I could do is say ‘I’m sorry.’ Yeah.”

And for a guy who claims not to be romantically interested in Jen, the classic good girl who also happened to buy almost $1,100 in sexy lingerie last week, he seems to be describing her pretty closely when talking about who he wants to be with in life.

“Men like naughty women. But if we could meet somewhere in the middle, that we all have a bit of naughtiness but a niceness as well,” he reveals. “No doubt about it, I always had this line from when I was younger, ‘There’s nothing like a bad ass to make a girl’s heart beat faster.’ I think it holds very true. But, at the end of the day, that’s only going to last so long. If you’re going to get into a full-blown relationship, there has to be something more to sustain it and enrich it.”

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