Gerard Butler may have a reputation as something of a ladies’ man, but this Scottish heartthrob only has room in his life for one special female – his pint-sized pooch Lolita.

Walking the red carpet solo for the premiere of his new flick Law Abiding Citizen, Oct. 6, a date-less Gerry joked, “My leading lady is at home. I couldn’t find her a dress because she is so small.”

Gerard was linked with Jennifer Aniston during the long NYC summer shoot for their upcoming movie, The Bounty, despite his repeated assurances that they were just friends.

“Anyone who happens to be in the street at the same time as you is your woman,” said Gerard outside of the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in L.A.

“I mean literally, you’re sitting in a restaurant with your buddies and they know somebody who comes over to say hello and you have a photograph taken and everyone wonders who that woman is in Gerry’s life.”

How is the Scottish hunk finding fame? “It is a little more difficult to be private,” he says. Lucky that this 39-year-old isn’t averse to attracting attention with his buff bod, since he “even shows his rear end in the film,” his Law Abiding Citizen co- star and Oscar nominee Viola Davis tells OK!.

His onscreen wife Brooke Stacy Mills explains the 39-year-old’s appeal, musing that he “just exudes that sexiness that all of the women love.”

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