Friends of Kate Moss say she’s furious with Sienna Miller over the way the she handled her break-up with the Rhys Ifans, one of the supermodel’s closest friends.


And Kate says she’s going to confront her about it the next chance she gets!


According to Britain’s Daily Mail, when the couple got together last year, Kate warned the Alfie actress not to break his heart.

But last week Sienna, 26, is said to have ended the year-long relationship over the phone, and is now ignoring Rhys’s calls and texts, leaving him devastated and hitting the bottle hard.

Now sources close to the fashion star, 34, say she is livid and wants some answers from Sienna.

"Rhys is probably Kate’s best male friend," a friend told the paper. "In fact, she’s as close to him as a sister and she’s very protective of him because she knows his vulnerabilities.

"Kate’s not someone you’d want on the opposing team. She’s a formidable woman and very loyal when it comes to her friends.

"Kate has taken Rhys in and told him he can stay at her place for as long as he wants. He’s in a bad way and she’s really angry at Sienna, even though she knew she’d never stay with Rhys."

The couple are said to have split last weekend because Rhys was jealous about Sienna spending time with her ex, another Welsh actor, Brothers and Sisters star Matthew Rhys, 33.


Kate and Sienna are rumored to have had a furious catfight over Rhys in the past.


Last September British tabloid The Sun reported that the pair had a drunken shouting match at a wedding because Kate accused Sienna of stealing Rhys away for his old friends.

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