Rise and shine, pop culture fans! Rub your eyes, get to stretchin’, and pour yourself a hot cup of coffee because it’s time to start your day off right with a little OK! Wake Up Call. It’s better than the blaring ring from your alarm clock, right?

Here are some things to know today:

Let’s start things off with Ryan Lochte’s abs in his new Calvin Klein ad campaign. Why not? (People)

Lamar Odom is a Knicks player, but only for what lasts of basketball season. (Us Weekly)

Joan Rivers says that Gwyneth Paltrow has “a stick up her rear end.” (E!)

Take a second to watch Robert Pattinson in the new trailer for The Rover. (Just Jared)

If the reports are true, Robin Williams could appear in a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire! (Entertainment Weekly)

Kristin Chenoweth says she would LOVE to be on Game of Thrones. What do we think? Why the heck not!? (PopSugar)

The Frozen album continues to top the charts, beating out Pharrell. (Vulture)

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