It was quite the emo and indie fest at last night’s Woodie Awards. Luckily OK! was on hand to get the latest from people you rarely read about in OK! Peter, Bjorn minus the John were surprised to hear that fellow Swedes Ace of Base recently announced they were getting back together. They told OK!, “We had no idea they got back together, but we think it’s a bad idea.”

Meanwhile All That alum turned current SNL cast mate Keanan Thompson revealed to us that two gigs are pretty similar. “Well, SNL is live! I mean it’s kind of the same thing… It’s sketch comedy but it’s mature.”


Speaking of mature, Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump gave us his mature take on the current state of music videos, “I think people kind of degrade the value of videos. I think there was an era where people valued the videos. I think it’s like anything if you have the opportunity to make art and you don’t use it, that’s kind of stupid.” Lighten up!


Fall Out Boy BFF William Beckett of the Academy Is… came on the scene a few years back and stated what we took to be the obvious about his growth in popularity in that time. “That was two years ago and we’re all two years older!” Exactly…


But, Motion City Soundtrack lead singer Justin Pierre was light enough to reveal to us the secret to his very, very spiked hair. “Semen. Actually, it’s volumizing spray. I think you’d be wack to include me in a beauty piece, but I’m down with trying new things.” Good to hear!

Emo band Say Anything said a lot of anything, but told OK! that if they won, “We’ll just rejoice and get drunk!” Good thing they won!


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By Jocelyn Vena

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