As an E! personality and Style Network reality star, looking good is important to Giuliana Rancic. But it isn’t easy for her to hold onto her most-prized products.

“I love the DDF Revolve 400X,” she tells me. “Remember the Clarisonic? It’s like the new one, but it does microdermabrasion. Amazing. I use that twice a week, and I love their products. Sometimes when I break out, I use their Blemish Foaming Cleanser, which is good. And my husband sneaks it away from me, and uses it sometimes when he breaks out, too. Not that he would ever break out – he’s so perfect.”

Hm, what is it like sharing beauty products with the original Apprentice winner, whom she wed in 2007?

“Bill is always like ‘oh my God, you spend so much money on beauty products,’ but then at night, who am I putting eye cream on? Bill. He’ll be in bed, watching TV – and he sneaks my eye cream from me.  I lose it, and sometimes I look for it, and it’s in Bill’s little manbag – his man cosmetic bag, whatever we call that. But don’t print that – he’ll kill me. No, I’m kidding, go ahead.”

For Giuliana, getting pretty isn’t all about lotions and potions.

“Always wash your face before you go to bed, of course, and invest in the right things to actually clean your skin, because a lot of people try to cover everything up with tons of makeup,” she says. “You realize you don’t need a lot of makeup if you take care of your skin. I have certain things that I do to take care of my skin, so I don’t have to wear a ton of makeup.”

Looking beautiful also entails eating right.

“I don’t drink a lot of water, so I’m not going to be one of those people who is like ‘I drink so much water.’ Not really. I try to sleep when I can. But the bottom line is you’ve got to eat well, and then your skin looks nice. I try to eat really well – I don’t eat processed foods if I can.”

Here’s my pic with Giuliana:

Catch Giuliana on her show Giuliana and Bill, which airs tonight at 8/7C on Style Network. And pick up the OK! on newsstands now for her OK! Red Carpet fashion critique. The cover line is “Angie Can’t Take It: Brad’s Mystery Woman!”

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