Giuliana Rancic doesn’t have a jealous bone in her body these days. In fact, she wants a sister wife … in Angelina Jolie or her Fashion Police co-host Joan Rivers!

“Angelina is gorgeous,” the E!/Style Network star, 36,  who is married to hubby Bill, 40, tells me. “But Joan Rivers, because she would keep us laughing 24 hours a day, and on our toes. She gives the best gifts – every holiday would be filled with beautiful gifts, because she’s so giving and wonderful. And come on, she would keep us laughing 24 hours a day, because she’s the funniest woman I know.  And of course, Joan Rivers is hot – she’s gorgeous. That doesn’t hurt, either.”

Hm, what kind of gifts?

“She gives nice gifts. Wherever she goes, she’ll bring you back something that made her think of you, which is sweet. Something sentimental. She’s thoughtful. If you say ‘ooh, I like that,’ like something she’s wearing, or something from her jewelry collection — she gave me a handbag. I said I liked a handbag from her QVC collection, and the next thing I knew, she’d given it to me in three colors. She’s so giving!”

It’s not all about material things with Joan, either.

“I was really sick about a year ago. I was stuck in NYC and I was really sick, and Joan was worried sick. She was more worried than anyone, aside from my husband. She was getting her doctors on the phone, telling them to ‘get Giuliana out of her hotel and come into my condo and have people take care of her there.’ Joan is amazing, and I am blessed to have her in my life. She’s been an incredible role model – she is the hardest working woman in Hollywood.”

Despite her laidback attitude, Giuliana wasn’t always so carefree when it comes to the opposite sex.  But earlier this summer, she pitched her husband Bill to judge Miss USA. (She served as co-host.)

“I have the greatest husband in the world, and we have an amazing relationship that goes way beyond how we look,” she says. “I never would ever be threatened by anyone around my husband, even 51 of the most gorgeous girls, and let me tell you – those girls are stunning. Some of them are jaw-dropping gorgeous. But I’m not the 18-year-old I used to be. I’m more confident now.”

She continues, “I never get jealous now. My husband and I have been together five years – four years of marriage. We have never had a jealous spat, which is incredible. Especially me, because I’m a crazy hot-blooded Italian, and I’ve always had jealous spats with ex-boyfriends of mine, but when you’re with the right person, who’s a good person, and you trust them with your life like Bill — Bill’s a good person, he’s a good apple. I know he would never hurt me in any way, so I trust him to do whatever he wants. He can go to Vegas, he can do whatever he wants, because I trust him, and he trusts me.”

Here’s my pic with Giuliana:

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