She might have the dangerous curves and strength of an action star, but what Jessica Biel really wants is to dive into a more romantic role. However, a certain level of Hollywood typecasting seems to be keeping her from her goal.


"I just want an opportunity," she tells Allure in a new interview. "If you don’t like the audition, then don’t hire me! But if you don’t want to even see me—that’s hurtful…. I’m a very 360-degree person."

Although she can act at any angle, one view fans didn’t see of Jessica early on in her career was anything involving nudity. She included a no-nudity clause in her early contracts, and then got to choose her body double for any love scenes.


"I tried to get breasts that I thought were similar to mine," she says. "But a little smaller and perkier in the butt? OK, I did want that."


And since she began dating Justin Timberlake, it seems Jessica’s being looked at and watched all the time by paparazzi, something she definitely doesn’t care for.


"It’s wonderful to do what I do, but everything that goes with it? It’s bizarre," says the actress. "The invasion of privacy is very tough. I am followed all day, every day. Going to the dentist, the cleaners. I guess I could look like s–t going to the dentist, but only if I didn’t care what I saw in the papers."


As if JB could ever look less than lovely.


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