Looks like Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are in for some big competition this summer. The Glamazons, that plus-sized singing group that made a name for themselves in the semifinals of America’s Got Talent last summer, are getting their own reality show. “It’s about us being big, beautiful women in the city," Sandy "Candy Apple" May revealed to me during the Tori Telling book launch party at D’or in Amalia restuarant last night in midtown Manhattan. "It’s about how we are friends that get together and struggle and fight, but still love one another.” The show, which will appear on a “major cable network” (the gals declined to reveal which one), will also promote the group’s message of loving yourself — no matter what your size. “After doing [America’s Got Talent] we got such feedback that people were so happy and proud of us,” shared Laura “Caramella” Johnson. “So they are going to be following our careers as Glamazons and living together in the city.”

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