Each week Glee fans across the country look forward to what the students of William McKinley High School will sing. It looks like Grease‘s very own Sandy, Olivia Newton-John, will join the Glee cast and “Get Physical” with wacky gym teacher Sue, played by the hilarious Jane Lynch.

Jane told reporters at the FOX mid-season launch party last night that she will sing with Olivia during her guest starring spot.

“I am doing a song with Olivia Newton-John,” she said. “I’m doing ‘Let’s Get Physical.’ ”

The comedian has won raves for her portrayal of Sue, but can she sing?

“I don’t need lessons. I’m not the greatest singer in the world, but I know my singing,” she shrugged.

Jane says she does know karaoke: “I do Olivia Newton-John and Karen Carpenter.” She also sings a little on her X Box commercial but admitted, “not very well.”

The episode hasn’t been shot yet, but Jane said she’s excited to be working with the pop icon.

“It’s a moment in my life and I’m going to treat it just how I treated working with Carol Burnett, which almost made me have an aneurysm,” she reveals. “You just go there and chill-ax and don’t ask any questions and just try to be as normal as possible. And Carol Burnett was so lovely and by the end of it we were friends and she had told me a bunch of stories without my even asking because I wasn’t a like a crazy sycophant type person, and my plan is the same with Olivia Newton-John. I’m going to be as normal as I can be.”

This weekend the show’s creator Ryan Murphy confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that Olivia would be guest starring in the series.

“Olivia loves the show and is a great idol of mine,” Ryan said.

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