When Ivanka Trump sends me an invitation to join her for a luncheon sponsored by Callaway Golf Girls Club, I can’t refuse. As chicken salad, deviled eggs with salmon and shrimp Caesar salad are passed around, guests tee off miniature-golf style in the penthouse suite of NYC’s Chelsea Arts Tower. (Anyone who gets a hole-in-one receives a set of golf clubs — sweet!)

“I like to get out there in the morning of an autumn day and play for three or four hours and not take it too seriously,” she tells me. “It’s just a lot of fun.”

The Donald’s daughter, 26, took up the sport as a means of negotiation.

“I really did use golf as a bonding tool with my father,” the Celebrity Apprentice judge says. “I found it was the best way to solicit the right answer out of him if I wanted something. I was like a broken record.”

These days, she uses her golf game in business.

“You learn so much about the way somebody handles a situation by seeing them hit a bad putt. You can see what kind of person they are and if this is a person you’d want to do business with. I really have learned to leverage golf personally, professionally and otherwise.”

Aside from golf, Ivanka keeps her sleek physique through portion control and moderate exercise.

“I get on the elliptical once a week for half an hour,” she says. “I read the newspaper while I’m doing it.”

Parting gifts include golf gear — and car service back to the office.

This Trump sure knows how to entertain!


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