OK! caught up Jessica Alba and Dane Cook, at the L.A. premiere of their romantic comedy Good Luck Chuck. And apparently it was nothing but good times on camera and behind-the-scenes. “It’s ridiculous to stand here and talk about how fun it was," Dane tells OK!. "It was too much fun! It was like summer camp every day. We’d eat candy corn and just have a blast.”

Meanwhile Jessica, who plays a klutz in the film, told OK! that she loved being able to show off her skills at physical comedy, but that, in spite of all the goofiness, “at the heart, it’s a very sweet love story.”

As for the curse central to the film’s plot. These two adorable actors think it goes way beyond just a normal hex. “I believe that you get back whatever it is that you put out into the world,” Jessica explained.

“Wow! That’s very cosmic… I can believe that,” Dane agreed, adding, “I once heard a great quote. It said, if you make a decision in your heart, the universe cooperates.”

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